Our Mission

To create and implement local conservation initiatives that promote and improve the future of marine resources, and our coastal heritage.

About Coastal Watch

Coastal Watch is a group of Sanibel and Captiva community members who cherish the ocean, appreciate the rich history of our region, and are determined to conserve our oceans and estuaries for future generations. The members of Coastal Watch work actively in our local community to promote healthier and more sustainable ways of interacting with our coastal environment. Our goal is to make people aware of the impacts that humans have on the beaches, water quality, and marine habitats of our region, and to help them become more effective stewards of the ocean.

Coastal Watch carries out locally-based conservation initiatives and programs to promote marine conservation. We recognize that marine conservation is a global need, but we focus our efforts locally. We support organizations at state and national levels, but our emphasis is to execute projects that enhance our immediate community and environment. Our hope is that, by setting a strong, effective example, our actions will motivate others to engage in conservation in their own hometowns.