Here on Sanibel, we strive to minimize our environmental impact. One way this can be accomplished is through proper recycling practices.

 There are five categories of items that are recyclable:

1.     Paper – Any kind except shredded, waxed, metallic, or soiled paper

2.     Metal – Aluminum, steel cans

3.     Cardboard – Boxes without a wax coating

4.     Plastic – Numbers 1 to 7, but no Styrofoam or plastic bags

5.     Glass – Clear, brown, or green bottles and jars

 A large interference to the recycling process is known as wishcycling. Wishcycling occurs when items are tossed into the recycling bin with the hope that they are able to be recycled. It is done with good intentions in mind, but unfortunately disrupts the recycling process. These items are collected, transported, sorted, and then rejected all before they are able to be transported to the proper disposal location. This results in a high expense and impact. 

A common example of this is plastic bags. Plastic bags cannot be recycled and are not accepted in the recycling system. When recyclables are placed into plastic bags, they must be sorted out as trash despite what they contain.

If you’d like more information on proper recycling practices, please click here for information from Lee County’s Solid Waste division. In addition, the City of Sanibel has put together a quick guide.