I’m a Coastal Watcher

Now is the time to advocate for our oceans. 

“I’m a Coastal Watcher” is an initiative created to inform our community of current environmental issues, raise awareness of solutions and empower individuals to make choices in support of the environment.

 What does it mean to be a Coastal Watcher?
A Coastal Watcher is anyone who has a connection to the water, it’s surrounding environment, and wants to see it thrive for future generations. Whether you prefer fishing, paddling, swimming, snorkeling, diving, shelling, relaxing or just watching the sunset over the water, you are welcome.

 We ask you to make lifestyle choices in support of our water.

 Please help us promote healthier and more sustainable ways of interacting with our coastal environment.

Join Us!
Take the pledge and be a Coastal Watcher.

I pledge to:
☐ Advocate for our oceans.
☐ Make life choices that support our oceans.
☐ Vote in support of the environment.
☐ Talk to other people about being a Coastal Watcher.